Kathleen Saturay, DDS

Meet Dr. Saturay

Dr. Kathleen SaturayHello everyone! My name is Dr. Kathleen Saturay and I am the owner of Healthy Smiles by Dr. Saturay. I have been practicing dentistry since 2007 and in January 2012 opened this practice for children and adults.  It is my passion and dedication to deliver beautiful, healthy smiles through my dentistry in a calm and nurturing environment.

After graduating in 1996 from the School of Dentistry, University of the Philippines I immigrated to Seattle and was blessed to work as a Lead Dental Assistant for 8 years in a cosmetic dental practice in Bellevue, WA. This experience as a dedicated dental team member helped me develop into a better clinician and dentist. After working as a Dental Assistant I went on to graduate in 2006 from the School of Dentistry, Loma Linda University in Southern California.

My journey in  becoming a dentist in America was long and challenging The help and support  of my family along with the opportunities given by many dentists and other professionals allowed me to fulfill my calling  as  a dentist.

West Seattle is my home. I understand the needs of the community and daily experience the friendliness and uniqueness of our town. Many of our patients I meet and greet as I go about living here. You will see me cycling around on my electric bike, visiting the local shops, enjoying unique cuisines from our local restaurants, and ordering coffee in 3 or 4 favorite coffee shops. In my downtime, I and my long-term partner, Roger, love to take trips in our Harley, maybe even rent an RV, take historical trips, read  a lot of books and attend a lot of continuing education classes. Now that my daughter is all grown up I get to spend time with her cooking for weekend dinners and listening to her many outdoor adventures.

Providing special care and attention to customize my patients’ dental needs and comfort along with creating long-term relationships with my patients, are my specialty. I enjoy knowing each patient: your fears, your treatment goals and the direction you want the dental treatment to proceed. It is my firm belief that understanding these will allow me to properly deliver effective care to maintain that beautiful and healthy smile.

It has been my fervent desire for myself and the entire team  to continue learning and expanding the services we offer as dentistry is an ever-changing and improving profession every day. So, I  never stop being better,  never stop growing professionally, and always bring my team to the same level of education.

We are experienced and committed to providing special care and attention to our patients through individualized and customized dental appointments by acknowledging your treatment goals and ensuring that your dental insurance is recognized and applied to meet your financial goals with your treatment. We care that all are given the chance to maintain their dental health so we offer Non-insured patients an Affordable In-house Dental Plan.

Dentistry for children  has a very  special place in my heart as I know that contributing to a happy and enjoyable dental visit will help raise patients without fear of dentistry! The care,  time, commitment  and respect we give our adult patients are equally given to all our children patients.

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